Top 20 NuGet api Packages

common call api
Qstom API Core Framework to develop APIs
CLI (command line integration) parser, for reading Gravity formatted text commands.
Package Description
Meraki Reporting API
Zendesk Support API wrapper for C# .NET
This library allows you to develop plugins to extend functionality and change behaviour of the iikoFront application.
ALS.Printify.Net.Catalog is a package allowing you to consume the Catalog API of
.Net Standard Client library for IGDB API v3
The IGDB API endpoints models
Package Description
Core utility classes to build web api
Core utility classes to build web api
The BitcoinTrade exchange API client wrapper
Coder WebApi Template
Unsplash API for .NET
Revit 2021 Assembly List: AddInJournalClient.dll AdWindows.dll RevitAddInUtility.dll RevitAPI.dll RevitAPIIFC.dll RevitAPIUI.dll UIFramework.dll UIFrameworkServices.dll