Top 20 NuGet 10 Packages

Writing a .NET Core library? Want to use native Windows Runtime APIs? This package is for you.
Writing a .NET Core library? Want to use native Windows Phone APIs? This package is for you.
Writing a .NET Core library? Want to use native Windows 8 APIs? This package is for you.
Typed XAML adds advanced generics support to WPF and Windows 10 apps. Find us on GitHub at
Generate adaptive tiles and interactive toasts for Windows 10 via XAML with bindings (for MVVM-lovers)
The MVVM Framework is a compact and simple, yet powerful implementation of the MVVM pattern for UWP. It provides a strong model for managing the application lifecycle and the navigation. The MVVM framework decouples operation system functionality from the application logic by providing a powerful se...
Xplat (cross platform) implementation Interval/Range implementation. .NET Standard 1.0 (netstandard1.0)
Full featured timer class for UWP.
A library for working with Windows 10, April 2018 Update's addition of per-directory case sensitivity.
A set of debugging controls and helpers for Windows Runtime XAML applications.
Gauge control for Windows 10.
Shims.Xaml lets you easily create libraries that work on WPF and Windows 10. Find us on GitHub at
This Package contains a extensible Map Control for Universal Windows Apps (Windows Phone, Desktop, Tablet, UWP etc.) Supported Maps: - OpenStreetMap - Google - Custom
MVB Platform UWP UWP platform specific runner for MVB
This library exposes HostBackdrop, a new API introduced on Windows 10 1703 that makes elements on the app transparent with blur. The code is also based on UWP Community Toolkit. Note: 1.1.0 version brings compatibility to work side-by-side with UWP Community Toolkit. Also removed unnecessary depend...
Set the Windows 10 task bar icon to a number or glyph with this package for UWP/UAP projects.
A simple library for Universal Windows Applications (UWP/UAP) providing easy access to information about pressed modifier keys in KeyUp/KeyDown routines, including the ctrl/control, alt, shift, and Windows keys. An extension method in NeoSmart.Uwp.ModifierKeys extends KeyRoutedEventArgs with a Modif...
Perform Luhn (Modulus 10) validation on a given number.
Easy to use library that gives ability to prompt users for app rating / feedback based on configurable properties. This library works with Windows Phone 8, 8.1 and 10 as well as Windows 8.1 and 10.
Crop the image in windows 10 UWP Application