Top 20 NuGet .net Packages

Includes types that provide support for OpenIdConnect protocol.
Includes types that provide support for SecurityTokens, Cryptographic operations: Signing, Verifying Signatures, Encryption.
iTextSharp.LGPLv2.Core is an unofficial port of the last LGPL version of the iTextSharp (V4.1.6) to .NET Core.
Entity Framework Core Second Level Caching Library.
This package allows you to add maps and perform GIS spatial operations within your WPF application. It provides classes to work with most GIS data formats, display popups, allow spatial drawing, manage projections, perform spatial operation and much more. Visit our website and wiki, link below, to l...
.NET Standard class library for using PGP
Generate tests from SpecFlow feature files inside .NET Core projects.
Open Source library for automatic formatted file read/write operations
Service SDK for Azure IoT Hub
Legacy support for Microsoft Orleans Core library.
Includes types that provide support for creating, serializing and validating JSON Web Tokens.
* The most comprehensive .NET Library for HashiCorp's Vault - A Secret Management System. * VaultSharp supports all Auth methods, all Secrets Engines and most System Apis. * It has first class support for Consul, Enterpise Vault APIs etc. * This library is built with .NET Standard 1.3 & .NET 4....
.Net Native Compilers package. Referencing this package will cause the project to be built using the specific version of the .NET Native compiler contained in the package, as opposed to any system installed version. Supported Platforms: - UWP tools 2.2
Includes Event Source based logging support.
IconPacks for stylish awesome WPF and UWP applications.
This is the next generation Azure Event Hubs .NET Standard Event Processor Host library. For more information about Event Hubs, see
Includes types that provide support for SamlTokens version 1 and 2.
Includes types that provide support for WsFederation protocol.
A .NET library for screen recording in Windows, using Microsoft Media Foundation for realtime encoding to h264 video or PNG images.
A .NET library for the Campaign Monitor API with enhancements for Transactional