NuGet Package Syncfusion Reporting UI controls for JavaScript

The Syncfusion Reporting UI controls for JavaScript contain Report Viewer and Report Designer HTML5 and JavaScript components for enterprise web development.

Empower your web application with feature-rich report preview, edit, and customization capabilities that allow you to explore data easily and make real-time decisions. Effortlessly print and export reports.

Key features:
• Supports all major browsers: IE8+, Microsoft Edge, Chrome 17+, Firefox 22+, Safari 5+, and Opera 12+.
• Supports globalization and localization.
• Seventeen built-in themes including Material, Office 365, Bootstrap, and High contrast.
• Built-in compliance with the WAI-ARIA specification, which ensures the components work properly in assistive technologies.
• User-interactive widget mode sustainable in a browser’s local storage, which helps to maintain the state of each component.
• Support toolbox helps construct webpages easily via dragging and dropping into the designer page instead of manually writing code.
• Designer support, server-side events, and a view state.
• RequireJS support for all its components that implement AMD specifications. So, the user-specified scripts and modules can easily be loaded into a page.

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Author(s): Syncfusion Inc.
Last Update: Thursday, July 4, 2019
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Install-Package Syncfusion.Reporting.JavaScript
dotnet add package Syncfusion.Reporting.JavaScript
paket add Syncfusion.Reporting.JavaScript
Syncfusion.Reporting.JavaScript Download (Unzip the "nupkg" after downloading)