NuGet Package Windows Community Toolkit UI

This library provides UI components, such as XAML extensions, helpers, converters and more.

It is part of the Windows Community Toolkit.

AdvancedCollectionView: It's a collection view implementation that support filtering, sorting and incremental loading. It's meant to be used in a viewmodel.

- BehaviorBase: Helper for building Behaviors
- ViewportBehavior: Listening for element to enter or exit the ScrollViewer viewport

CacheBase: Provides methods and tools to cache files in a folder.

Converters: Commonly used converters that allow the data to be modified as it passes through the binding engine.

- ApplicationViewExtensions: Provides attached properties for interacting with the ApplicationView on a window (app view).
- FrameworkElementExtensions: Provides attached dependency properties for the FrameworkElement.
- ListViewExtensions: Provides attached dependency properties for the ListViewBase
- LogicalTree: Defines a collection of extensions methods for UI.
- MatrixExtensions: Provides a set of extensions to the Matrix struct.
- MatrixHelperEx: Static helper methods for Matrix.
- Mouse: Helper class for easily changing the mouseover cursor type.
- NullableBool: Custom MarkupExtension which can provide nullable bool values.
- RotateTransformExtensions: Extension methods for RotateTransform.
- ScaleTransformExtensions: Extension methods for ScaleTransform.
- ScrollViewerExtensions: Provides attached dependency properties for the ListViewBase
- SkewTransformExtensions: Extension methods for SkewTransform.
- SurfaceDialTextbox: Helper class that provides attached properties to enable any TextBox with the Surface Dial.
- TextBoxMask: TextBox mask property allows a user to more easily enter fixed width text in TextBox control.
- TextBoxRegex: TextBoxRegex allows text validation using a regular expression.
- TitleBarExtensions: Provides attached dependency properties for interacting with the ApplicationViewTitleBar on a window (app view).
- TranslateTransformExtensions: Extension methods for TranslateTransform.
- VisualExtensions: Extension methods and attached properties for Visual objects
- VisualTree: Defines a collection of extensions methods for UI.

- BindableValueHolder: Holds the value.

Can be used to change several objects' properties at a time.
- DependencyPropertyWatcher: Used to Track Changes of a Dependency Property
- ThemeListener: Class which listens for changes to Application Theme or High Contrast Modes and Signals an Event when they occur.


Version: 7.0.0-preview4
Author(s): Microsoft.Toolkit
Last Update: Thursday, November 12, 2020
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Install-Package Microsoft.Toolkit.Uwp.UI
dotnet add package Microsoft.Toolkit.Uwp.UI
paket add Microsoft.Toolkit.Uwp.UI
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