NuGet Package Leadtools.Viewer.Controls.WinForms

Supported Platforms:
• NETFramework

Display images with optional interactive UI operations such as pan, zoom, magnifying glass, rubber band, and many more.

Load, save, and convert many industry-standard and proprietary image formats including BMP, JPEG, GIF, JPEG 2000, JBIG, PNG, TIFF, and LEAD CMP.

This package contains LEADTOOLS user interface controls for application targeting the .NET Windows Forms platform.

The LEADTOOLS ImageViewer for Windows Forms provides the following features:

• Single or multiple items each with its own image data, size, and optional transformation
• Built-in support for raster and SVG images and documents, including loading directly from disk file or URLs
• Extensible layout system with built-in support for single, vertical, and horizontal layouts
• Rich, built-in, and fully customizable user-interactions to pan, zoom, magnify, rubber band, and many more are provided. Support for mouse and touch input
• Fully customizable appearance and position
• Auto and custom scroll modes
• Owner-draw rendering
• Viewing options include infinite zooming, size modes (fit, fit page, etc.), and rotation

This is just a small part of a large technology offering called LEADTOOLS. To see all that LEADTOOLS has to offer, go to

Use the following link to register for a LEADTOOLS license file that is required to use this NuGet. The license file is free.
Additionally, the link provides access to the LEADTOOLS Installer.

The Installer includes 100’s of demo applications with source code to jump start your development:

Install-Package Leadtools.Viewer.Controls.WinForms
dotnet add package Leadtools.Viewer.Controls.WinForms
paket add Leadtools.Viewer.Controls.WinForms
Leadtools.Viewer.Controls.WinForms Download (Unzip the "nupkg" after downloading)

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