NuGet Package CQLSharp - An ADO.NET Data Provider for Cassandra

CqlSharp is a high performance, asynchronous Cassandra CQL binary protocol client implementing the ADO.NET data provider interfaces.

It's main features are:
* The API implements the ADO.NET interfaces.

If you are familiar with SqlConnection, SqlCommand, and SqlReader, you should be able to use CqlSharp with no difficulty.
* CqlSharp is an implementation of the CQL Binary Protocols v1, v2, and v3 and therefore requires Cassandra 1.2 and up
* CqlSharp supports all the binary protocol v2 features: batching, paging, bound query variables, result schema caching, check-and-set (CAS) statements, and sasl-authentication
* CqlSharp supports all the binary protocol v3 features: more queries per connection, timestamp property, UDT and Tuple types, larger collections
* Supports fast mapping of objects to query parameters, or query results to objects. Mapping is tunable by decorating your classes via Table and Column attributes.
* Extremely fast, highly flexible and extendable type (conversion) system.

Automatically converts parameters and results to the requested types.
* Query tracing, timeouts and cancellation is supported
* Configuration is done through connection strings. The simultaneous use of multiple Cassandra clusters is supported.
* Extensive logging, including support for custom logger implementations

See for an extensive feature list.


Author(s): Joost Reuzel
Last Update: Tuesday, January 20, 2015
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Install-Package CqlSharp
dotnet add package CqlSharp
paket add CqlSharp
CqlSharp Download (Unzip the "nupkg" after downloading)

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