Top 20 NuGet crockford Packages

Base16, Base32, Base58, Base85 encoding/decoding library
BundleTransformer.JsMin contains one minifier-adapter for minification of JS code - `CrockfordJsMinifier`. `CrockfordJsMinifier` is based on the C# port of Douglas Crockford's JSMin ( version of October 30, 2019.
A .NET Standard implementation of Crockford's Base32 encoding that works great for URLs and humans.
JSMin.NET is a .NET port of the Douglas Crockford's JSMin (
Simple class for encoding longs as base 32 strings for .Net Core. This uses the Crockford algorithm described at
Standards based implementations of various Base32 and Base64 encoding/decoding methods. These are designed to encode binary data to plain text, and decode the resulting text back to the original binary. This is useful when you need to transfer binary data through technologies that only support text ...
Crockford Base32 encoding for 64-bit identifiers. In comparison to other, similar libraries, quickford focuses on speed and efficiency. Have fun saving electricity!
Base32 encoding/decoding library