NuGet Package Apitron.PDF.Kit for .NET

It is 100% managed code and does not require special manipulations to run with any .NET framework version starting from 2.0.

PDF standard versions supported are: ALL versions.
Files can be normal, linearized, password-protected, signed, incrementally updated.

- We support many possible PDF content manipulations scenarios, below are a few things that worth mentioning:
- Extract, modify and add graphics (text, images, drawings)
- Split or merge PDF documents
- Extract PDF text to HTML, Tagged or Raw format
- Fill, sign or create PDF forms
- Add or remove document fields
- Examine resources within a document - fonts, embedded files, xml ( ZUGFeRD )
- Digitally sign and check existing signatures on PDF documents
- Search for specific text
- Protect document with a password
- Work with navigation objects, e.g. create bookmarks or links
- Full support for annotations
- Full support for PDF actions
- All fonts defined by specification are supported
- Various colorspaces and color profiles are supported, e.g. you may draw in RGB, CMYK, gray, or whatever colorspace you like.
- Files can be saved to other [subtypes] of PDF – Linearized or PDF/a for example.
- If you require a specific funtionality and are unsure about whether it is supported, please review our online help or contact support so we will be able to handle this.
- Fixed layout API, implemented to be 100% PDF specification compatible, it unlocks full power of the PDF for you.

Any complex PDF creation or manipulation task can be completed instantly.
- Flow layout API, a styles-driven content generation API similar to HTML+CSS provides you with ability to create stunning documents, reports, bills, catalogues an more in minutes. Compact and easy to use, supports creation of XML templates and much more.


Version: 2.0.46
Author(s): Apitron LTD.
Last Update: Thursday, September 2, 2021
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Install-Package Apitron.PDF.Kit
dotnet add package Apitron.PDF.Kit
paket add Apitron.PDF.Kit
Apitron.PDF.Kit Download (Unzip the "nupkg" after downloading)