NuGet Package Actipro Shell (for WPF)

Actipro Shell controls allow for easy folder and file browsing in WPF applications.

While the product comes packed with a pre-built implementation for the Windows shell that mimics Windows Explorer, the controls are fully customizable, allowing you to filter or change the folders/files presented. Or build your own shell service to support other files systems, such as the remote side for a FTP client.

All of the UI found in the Shell controls is native WPF, and can be fully-themed or even customized with XAML data templates.

Documentation is available on the Actipro web site (, and samples can be downloaded from the Actipro WPF Controls GitHub repository (

NOTE: This is a commercial software product and requires proper paid licensing for legal usage.

See Actipro's web site ( for links to purchase developer licenses, or view the Sales FAQ for more information about evaluations and licensing.


Version: 23.1.0-beta.6
Author(s): Actipro Software LLC
Last Update: Wednesday, March 22, 2023
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Install-Package ActiproSoftware.Controls.WPF.Shell
dotnet add package ActiproSoftware.Controls.WPF.Shell
paket add ActiproSoftware.Controls.WPF.Shell
ActiproSoftware.Controls.WPF.Shell Download (Unzip the "nupkg" after downloading)

.NETFramework 4.0 netcoreapp3.0 1 package depend on this package.