Top 20 NuGet Packages depending on Refit

Total dependencies: 430

Cross-platform build automation system Signed by from repository '' commit '1b7919295cb9cac9eccc00871c6d1b8bc1bed375' (see contained AppVeyorSettings.json file for build settings).
Refit HTTP Client Factory Extensions
Camunda REST API Client for .NET platform
Glader.Essentials provide basic essential .NET/C# development libraries for day-to-day development needs. The models library has Refit library related Attributes and HTTP Types.
Vsa Framework
Fixi API client library for .NET Framework.
.NETStandard client library for the Umbraco Headless APIs
Contracts package for MarginTrading.AssetService API
Tatum C# SDK
A .NET Core library for handling Alexa Skills Management API
Refit client interfaces for Lykke.Service.HftInternalService API
Provides access to EOX, Product Information and Serial Number to Information APIs. Requires client credentials.
Library for validating receipts with the App Store
Glader.ASP.Authentication is a basic OAuth/Identity/JWT library for simple Authentication needs. Provides a quality Refit HTTP client interface as well as Entity Framework Core Database, Repository and ASP Controller for doing simple authentication and authorization.
Quickly consume an API using Endpointer.Authentication.API endpoints.
Client for Antares.Service.PushNotifications API
Glader.ASP.RPGCharacter is an ASP Core, EntityFramework, Refit-based and JSON-based Role-playing Game Character library.
Camunda REST API Client for .NET platform