Top 20 NuGet Packages depending on Apache log4net

Total dependencies: 3011

A modern high performance cross platform wrapper around Log4Net.
Official log4net integration for Sentry - Open-source error tracking that helps developers monitor and fix crashes in real time.
Snowflake Connector for .NET
Log4Net appender which sends logs to the Sumo Logic machine data analytics platform.
A library to make things cross-platform that should be.
MiNET - a Minecraft PocketEdition Server
Log4net-based logging integration for Rebus
log4net Appenders for Azure Table and Blob support
SAP CrystalReports Shared
An AWS Log4net appender that records logging messages to Amazon CloudWatch Logs.
Unity adapter for log4net
Package Description
log4stash is a log4net appender for easy logging of exceptions and messages to Elasticsearch indices. You can configure few filters to analyze log events before they got sended to Elasticsearch similar to the filters on logstash.
Enable JSON logging in log4net.
Fork of Apache.Avro maintained by Confluent
Rollbar collects errors that happen in your application, notifies you, and analyzes them so you can debug and fix them.
log4net logging provider for WeihanLi.Common.Logging, and log4net extensions, see details
Log Audit.NET Audit Trail using Apache log4net™
Rapid7 Insight logging support log4net library
Allows to configure Log4net as Microsoft Extensions Logging handler on any ASP.NET Core application. Original code proposal by @anuraj -->