Top 20 NuGet Packages depending on Apache log4net

Total dependencies: 2393

Bnsights.Mvc is RAD Helper DLL for MVC Projects in Bnsights DMCC. Also known as Bnsights Business Solutions Framework (BBSF).
Client library to effortlessly interact with the Simon Roofing ERP API.
Contains wrapper and helper classes that stream line using Windows Workflow 4.5. They assist in database persistance when the workflow needs to persist as was as helping during reconstituting after an application shut down.
Puts a frame work around windows workflow to accept declared events and routes them to event listners that are Workflows. All while orchestating it via queues for resilience and capacity.
This is for TrackSynq DB access library
This is part of the Eurostat's SDMX Web Service implementation
SDMX RI collection of utility classes.
Common library of OpenTouryo. This package is used from template of OpenTouryo.
Log4Net appender for Azure Log Analytics (ALA)... sending data to Azure Log Analytics with the HTTP Data Collector API. The data will also be logged/sent asynchronously for high performance and to avoid blocking the caller thread.
The commercetools.NET SDK allows developers to work effectively with the commercetools platform in their .NET applications by providing typesafe access to the commercetools HTTP API.
PointlessArhitecture Common
An AWS Log4net appender that records logging messages to Amazon CloudWatch Logs.
Fork of Apache.Avro maintained by Confluent
Koben.ReferenceFinder is a library for finding all the places a content or media item has been used as a property value.
log4net.Elasticsearch is a log4net adapter for easy logging of exceptions and messages to Elasticsearch indices. Tested through Elasticsearch 6.2
Enable JSON logging in log4net.
This is the core library for all the C# SDKs published in Mastercard Developers