Top 20 NuGet Packages depending on AngularJS

Total dependencies: 56

A set of awesome modern components that you can use in every Web project
Advanced HTML5 mobile development framework and SDK. Build incredible mobile apps with web technologies you already know and love. Best friends with AngularJS.
Directive for AngularJS 1.5.3 or Above Editions.
The enhancement companion suite to the AngularJS framework
AngularJS directive for TinyMCE.
Angular template for sphyrnidae front-end web application
SSW Health Check provides a framework to write asynchronous tests to verify the state of a MVC 4 website. To contribute visit
A long description of the package. This shows up in the right pane of the Add Package Dialog as well as in the Package Manager Console when listing packages using the Get-Package command.
angular-ui datagrid
Tree Directive for AngularJS 1.5.3
You can benefit from an input with tagging support when you want to let users enter tags for a post, select multiples contacts from a list, or any other situation where it's appropriate to have an inline, as-you-type list of items.
A status spinner/message directive
AngularJS starter kit Spa
AngularJS version of the XrmServiceToolkit (SOAP and REST).
UI Grid: an Angular Data Grid
An AngularJS Directive that uses hidden iFrame for uploading files. It works across browsers (even non-HTML5 complaint one) down to IE6.
This is an easy to deploy directive to allow creation of Highchart components through AngularJS.
A handy security provider for Angular JS. Works with MVC 5's SPA template without any modifications to the backend code. Check the project site for more details and demos.
AngularJS bindings for Firebase.