Top 20 NuGet Packages depending on Xamarin Android Support Library - support-media-compat

Total dependencies: 195

Xamarin Binding Library - Zendesk Chat
A Digital Adoption Platform (DAP) is an in-application interactive guidance solution that can be provided as contextual training, help and on-screen guidance for employees or your end-users.
OpenBack SDK .NET Standard interface and native bindings
Xamarin Binding Library - Zendesk Chat
XCore - Navigator component for Xamarin Android
A lightweight, plug-and-play indefinite pager indicator for RecyclerViews & ViewPagers.
Xamarin.Android Binding of Emojicon library by Giuseppe Novielli
An Android Library to pick dates range, that helps user to select range from future dates.
This library is a C# port (not binding) of TableView by evrencoskun with some improvements.
The flexible, easy to use, all in one drawer library for your Android project.
A Xamarin binding of the Android Image Cropper library based on ArthurHub's work
A TrustSDK binding for Xamarin.Android
Binding of KeepSafe's TapTarget library
Renderer para login com facebook, utilizando xamarin auth
An empowered Xamarin.Forms' BoxView with 2-color gradients.
Material-Calendar-View-for-Xamarin is a simple and customizable calendar widget for Xamarin.Android based on Material Design. The widget has two funcionalities: a date picker to select dates (available as an XML widget and a dialog) and a classic calendar. The date picker can work either as a single...
RibbonView for Android