Top 20 NuGet Packages depending on Xamarin Android Support Library - support-media-compat

Total dependencies: 195

Common Android Framework for Xamarin.DocumentReader.Api.Android
Common Android Framework for Xamarin.DocumentReader.Api.Android
Xamarin wrapper for the Bluedot PointSDK.Android
Stripe-Terminal SDK bindings for Xamarin.Forms
This package contains Brupper to use with Xamarin project for handling push notificcations.
Automatically search for permission in AndroidManifests file and request for the same. Also, if request is cancelled it shows a popup window with alert to grant permission. Ported to Xamarin.Android by Rofiq Setiawan ( You can find example on
Custom Controls for Xamarin.Forms
app’s miles® helps you develop and manage digital animation programs. We present challenges that are increasingly engaging to your users, allowing them to go up in levels, earn points and trophies, and redeem gifts. app’s miles® stabilises customer retention, helps users to discover the full breadth...
Slang SDK for Xamarin Android Apps.
[PDF Reader. PDF Control. PDF Component] PDFTron SDK is the ultimate PDF toolkit. With PDFNet components you can build reliable & speedy applications that can view, create, print, edit, and annotate PDFs ... across operating systems. Developers use PDFNet SDK to read, write, and edit PDF document...
Makes it easy to create a beautiful about screen for your app.
Prisma Campaigns SDK Android
For merchants who have built their app on Xamarin platform - Paytm provides a NuGet package for you to conveniently integrate All-in-One SDK.
Optional Android custom renderers for RadialMenu
Xamarin.Android Binding for CameraKit's CameraKit. Android Library for Camera 1 and 2 APIs. Massively increase stability and reliability of photo and video capture on all Android devices.