Top 20 NuGet Packages depending on Web Markup Minifier: ASP.NET Common

Total dependencies: 13

WebMarkupMin.AspNetCore3 contains one ASP.NET Core 3.1+ Middleware - `WebMarkupMinMiddleware`.
WebMarkupMin.AspNetCore2 contains one ASP.NET Core 2.X Middleware - `WebMarkupMinMiddleware`.
WebMarkupMin.AspNetCore5 contains one ASP.NET Core 5.X Middleware - `WebMarkupMinMiddleware`.
WebMarkupMin.AspNet.Brotli contains one compressor-adapter for compression of text content by using the Brotli algorithm ( - `BrotliCompressor`. `BrotliCompressor` is based on the BrotliSharpLib ( version 0.3.3. In version...
WebMarkupMin.AspNet4.Common is auxiliary package, that contains classes for ASP.NET 4.X extensions.
WebMarkupMin.AspNetCore1 contains one ASP.NET Core 1.X Middleware - `WebMarkupMinMiddleware`.
Bnsights.Mvc is RAD Helper DLL for MVC Projects in Bnsights DMCC. Also known as Bnsights Business Solutions Framework (BBSF).
Package Description
TRA.EServices.FormBuilder is RAD Helper DLL for TRA Eservices Sitecore Form Builder Consumption
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Package Description
Package that adds Brotli compression support to WebMarkupMin library. It uses BrotliSharpLib for compression.