Top 20 NuGet Packages depending on Unity

Total dependencies: 640

Authentication functions for BIA.Net Framework using WebApi: - Authentification
Provides a FlyoutManager for managing MahApps.Metro Flyouts within the Prism framework, while maintaining separation of concerns, encapsulation and MVVM principles.
Common library for Generic Web API
Package Description
Core library for the NeosSDI MVC3 Template.
Aurora Framework container for command bars
Grassland System - new development methods focused on speed and reliability. Grassland answers demand for quick customized solutions. Few simple lines of codes creates task assignment, expenses tracking fullly function application, and easily advances to complete solution. Grassland supports mul...
Enterprise Foundation Classes
The core modules required to build CloudCore-based system.
The module required to run CloudCore-based work-flow and scheduled tasks.
The modules required to build CloudCore-based web modules.
Make server application fluently
Installation Qualification
Helper classes and methods for aspnet webapi tests (System.Net.Http : ApiController) for now .net 4.5
Sanguine Advantage information library.
NitroNet Unity package for Sitecore
NetAppDev.Composition.UnityExtensions library
NetAppDev.Composition library
Package Description
Object Parser