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Domain Implement for linqtosql
Provides a Unity XML configuration of the common service locator for console applications.
BranchSwitcher project is used to automate common tasks needed when switching between different TFS branches in development cycle. You can use this nuget package to implement your own steps and hosts for BranchSwitcher.
Common Instance Factory provides an abstraction over dependency injection and IoC containers using the abstract factory design pattern. Created as an alternative to the Common Service Locator that does not use the service location anti-pattern and provides support for releasing instances.
Unity implementation of the IServiceLocator interface for the Hallmanac.ServiceLocator.Core library
Nuget Package for Organization processor
Common library for jbDesign projects
Recipe to make a new Web API Project.
Core framework - contains base classes and T4 scripts for code generation.
SaaS Multi tenant Framework for SaaS Development and SaaS Migration. SaaS Application Development Platform addressing SaaS Challenges and SaaS Non-Functional Requirements
Bootstrap is a library which includes automatic wire-up of dependencies with the ExportType attribute, a little bit like MEF! Yes we know its like MEF, but we've been using this since before MEF so it kinda got stuck that way ...
Testura.Android.PageObject is a lightweight support framework for Testura.Android and provides help classes to follow and implement the page object pattern.
Common library for jbDesign projects
Unity Container Extention
Unity utilties used by SOAlutions applications and services
This template assumes that you have at least a working knowledge of design patterns such as dependency injection, unit of work, repository and factory. IMPORTANT! Use Unity.Abstractions 2.1.1
Shopping cart model extension sample module
NetAppDev.Server library
This Framework write for writing service .net core speciality for service that working with queues like kafka and rabbitmq
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