Top 20 NuGet Packages depending on System.Xml.XmlDocument

Total dependencies: 349

CsQuery is an HTML parser, CSS selector engine and jQuery port for .NET 4 and C#. It implements all CSS2 and CSS3 selectors, all the DOM manipulation methods of jQuery, and some of the utility methods.
ReqIF library that contains ReqIF classes and a specific serializer.
Advance Framework Practice by BDO Canada LLP IT Solution practice
Chaskis is a framework for creating IRC Bots in an easy way. It is a plugin-based architecture written in C# that can be run on Windows or Linux (with the use of Mono). Users of the bot can add or remove plugins to run, or even write their own. Chaskis is named after the [Chasqui](
A library for Excel export/import. Builds on top of EPPlus, ExcelDataReader and AutoMapper, adding POCO mapping. The development goal is loose coupling between data mapping, formatting and data itself, code brevity and type safety.
X.Web.Sitemap is a part of X-Framework library. This library allows you quickly and easily generate a Google-compatible sitemap files.
Entity Framework Core persistence layer for IdentityServer4. Contains original work and that of other GitHub repositories.
Telerik UI for ASP.NET MVC provides server-side helpers for Kendo UI's JavaScript framework. It enables developers comfortable with the ASP.NET MVC framework to easily configure and work with Kendo UI via familiar server-side programming instead of relying solely on hand-coding of HTML and JavaScrip...
Library implements GEO XACML Supported platforms: - .NET Framework 4.0+ - .NET Standard 1.6+ - .NET Core
A high performance Micro-ORM supporting SQL Server, MySQL, Sqlite, SqlCE, Firebird etc..
Set of classes, modules and libraries for easier interaction with Web Servers.
Make dapper compatible with net40.(base on dapper 1.50.7)
A high performance Micro-ORM based on Dapper for multi databases
Create advanced Excel spreadsheets using .Net, Forked from
TECH-IS INC. Infrastructure Assembly - Core library
PhoneNumbersLib compatible to .NET Core Standard 1.6.
微信公众账号 - 企业号 模块 Senparc.Weixin SDK 开源项目: 注意:2017年8月25日起,随着微信官方将微信企业号全面升级到企业微信,Senparc.Weixin.QY也已经同步移植到Senparc.Weixin.Work,QY今后将停止更新,请开发者使用Senparc.Weixin.Work.dll: Senparc.Weix...
A port of HtmlAgilityPack to .NET Core
DiscUtils, complete meta-package
Apache log4net with support for .NET Standard/Core (trunk snapshot 20161015)