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This Windows Compatibility Pack provides access to APIs that were previously available only for .NET Framework. It can be used from both .NET as well as .NET Standard.
Rapid OPC client development. Supports OPC Data Access, XML-DA, Alarms&Events and Unified Architecture (OPC UA), including PubSub. Allows procedural coding, live binding (code-less development), live mapping, and reactive programming models. Works with .NET Framework and .NET Standard on Microsoft W...
Provides a set of packages that can be used when building Universal Windows applications on .NETCore. d67bd83a075b8b10cb95810568073c1a3211f28b When using NuGet 3.x this package requires at least version 3.4.
NLog.WCF ServiceModel provides LogReceiverService target and the WCF contract interfaces/implementations
The runtime assemblies for libraries and applications that use Kentico Xperience API.
Data Integration
Runtime for hosting PowerShell
Quick License Manager Library for .NET Standard 2.0. Requires a QLM Enterprise license.
API used for authorization, impersonation and user management
Quick License Manager Library for .NET Core 3.1. Requires a QLM Enterprise license.
WCF CRUD2CRUD (CRUDS) interface package.
AqlaSerializer is intended to serialize objects, not just data. What the difference? Data serializers don't care much about language runtime specifics like references, inheritance, etc. In contrast, an object serializer should take such things into account. AqlaSerializer primary goal is to suppo...
Classe de Comunicação de Integraçções homologadas junto a Saurus Software
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A WebPago é uma plataforma financeira de multisserviços com foco em meio de pagamento, que ajuda seus clientes a cuidar de seu dinheiro. com uma nova experiência baseada na simplicidade e conectividade, reduzindo a necessidade de pessoal e burocracia.
A wrapper around the BFS API described at with additional documentation for Bricknode Financial Systems.
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Package Description
Paquete para la generación de CFD y Timbrado, ademas de PDF en formato genérico.