Top 20 NuGet Packages depending on System.Net.Requests

Total dependencies: 370

AzStudio common runtime libraries
Core Business Objects for AzStudio Library
Common .NET Standard Code Extensions
Package Description
Rebuld of (Novell.Directory.Ldap.NETStandard) for net standard 1.3 with signing Microsoft.Extensions.Logging.* packages Assemly has strong key and can be placed in GAC .NET Standard 1.3 LDAP signed client library. Works with any LDAP server (including Microsoft Active Directory - AD)
Common libarary used by the visualizar plugin architeceture
The C# Bitcoin Library
Use the official release "ApacheThrift" ( This package contains only the .NET Standard 2.0 library.
Implementation of the ISO, UDF, FAT and NTFS file systems is now fairly stable. VHD, XVA, VMDK and VDI disk formats are implemented, as well as read/write Registry support. The library also includes a simple iSCSI initiator, for accessing disks via iSCSI and an NFS client implementation.
Apache log4net with support for .NET Standard/Core (trunk snapshot 20161015)
Managed .NET client for InsuranceHub APIs
.NET Standard fork of MWS runtime
iTextSharp.LGPLv2.Core is an unofficial port of the last LGPL version of the iTextSharp (V4.1.6) to .NET Core.
Webhooks for Azure ServiceStack services
.NET Standard fork of Amazon MWS Feeds client
Package Description
Cimbalino Toolkit is a set of useful and powerful items that will help you build your Windows applications. This is the PCL portion of the toolkit, which is also compatible with Background Agents.
Contains the core assemblies needed to run nopcommerce. This package only contains assemblies and can be used for package development.
A simple and lightweight query .NET library for Solr, in a controlled, buildable and fail fast way. Provider for SOLR 5, full compatibility with the Solr 5.X. Implementation using default query handler and mechanism provided by JSON Request API.