Top 20 NuGet Packages depending on System.Net.Requests

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Klientbibliotek for å administrere elektronisk signering av dokumenter av borgere for en virksomhet. Sentrale funksjoner er opprettelse av signeringsoppdrag, sjekke status på signeringsoppdrag og laste ned dokumenter som er signerte.
Microsoft Orleans streaming provider for Azure Queue Storage
Aspose.Imaging Cloud lets you use a REST API to inspect, convert, and transform images in the cloud; do reverse image search. It supports the most popular image formats such as PSD, PNG, GIF, BMP, TIFF, and JPEG, and conversion between them. Aspose.Imaging Cloud also provides a rich set of fe...
C# client library and examples for using ElasticEmail API to send mail, manage contacts and other functions.
The OnPremiseConnector library should be used to connect to a Thinktecture RelayServer and provide local connectivity. It can be incorporated into services to provide in-process access to local services via the RelayServer. It could also be used in a separate service to provide http(s)-based access ...
Provides a way to expose service information (e.g. software version and all the service dependencies versions).
Kraken is a set of open source libraries for SharePoint development. The package includes code for writing provider hosted apps, including CSOM utilities.
Set of classes, modules and libraries for easier interaction with WebClients.
A client for Azure Time Series Insights
Microsoft Orleans. streaming provider for Azure EventHubs
A simple implementation for invoking the Baidu Geocoding Service.
Docker.DotNet is a library that allows you to interact with the Docker Remote API programmatically with fully asynchronous, non-blocking and object-oriented code in your .NET applications.
.NET SDK for the Contentstack Content Delivery API.
Package Description
TallPDF.NET is a 100% managed .NET component for dynamic generation of PDF documents. Central to TallPDF.NET is a highly intuitive object model consisting of classes like Document, Section, Paragraph, Table, Footer, etc. You can generate documents either programmatically or from XML.
RabbitMQ extension for Azure WebJobs.
LINQ-enabled client API for issuing OData queries and consuming OData payloads. Supports OData v3. Targets .NET 4.0, Silverlight 4.0 or .NET Portable Lib with support for .NET 4.5, Win Phone 8, Win Phone 8.1, and Win 8. Localized for CHS, CHT, DEU, ESN, FRA, ITA, JPN, KOR and RUS.
This is a .NETStandard SDK library, used to communicate with the Xero API. See for more information