Top 20 NuGet Packages depending on System.IO.Abstractions

Total dependencies: 153

Package Description
A set of pre-built mocks to help when testing file system interactions.
Virto Commerce is a flexible B2B ecommerce solution that offers powerful tools for enterprise business users.
Package Description
Core functionality of the DbCtl application.
A simple .NET persistence library which uses XML file storage
Hopex Application Server Commons
MLOps.NET is a data science tool to track and manage the lifecycle of a ML.NET machine learning model.
Basic core classes and types
The core functionality of DotNet Outdated as a library which allows you to embed it into your own applications
MiniCover code coverage measurement core implementation
Minicover reports implementation
Appends SHA sum of file as querystring, caches value and watches file system for changes.
C# library for writing automated UI tests
Hopex Application Server Packager
Package Description
Allows one to execute AppVeyor build pipeline programatically, for a given local repository and configuration.
Package Description
All stryker mutation test logic is contained in this library. This package does not include a runner. Use this package if you want to extend stryker with your own runner.
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