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The project is inspired by years of tedious repetitions, continuously re-writing similar code-snippets and libraries, to handle common functionality, not related to the business domain, such as logging, data persistence, message queuing, documentation, validation and similar.
Extensions of Swashbuckle.AspNetCore
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Plinth Swagger for ASP.NET CORE
AspNet Scaffolding with log, serializer, and all structure to work good for me :D
Package providing extension methods to assist in Swagger the Startup of a dotnet6 app.
DTF models, extensions and middleware for .NET core apps.
Swagger helpers.
Software Pioniere Fx AspNet Core Extensions
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Package Description
Swagger document generator from JSON Rpc
Biblioteca de itens comuns entre projetos de API em .net core da FACode
本项目是.net core3.1扩展类,属于UtilsSharp项目分支,应用于B/S网页端项目。
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Templates to use when creating an application for Filam Software.