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Some additional useful filters for Swashbuckle.AspNetCore. This package replaces Swashbuckle.AspNetCore.Examples.
Swagger and Swagger UI in Azure Functions by Swashbuckle
Swagger ISchemaFilter that uses FluentValidation validators instead System.ComponentModel based attributes.
Package Description
The project is inspired by years of tedious repetitions, continuously re-writing similar code-snippets and libraries, to handle common functionality, not related to the business domain, such as logging, data persistence, message queuing, documentation, validation and similar.
Util.Webs是Util应用框架的Asp.Net Core操作类库。 Util是一个.net core平台下的应用框架,旨在提升小型团队的开发输出能力,由常用公共操作类(工具类)、分层架构基类、Ui组件,第三方组件封装,第三方业务接口封装,配套代码生成模板,权限等组成。
Web Framework cross platforms based to .net core
Swagger and Swagger UI in Azure Functions by Swashbuckle
RSql4Net is a aspNet .net core extension that will make it easier for you to write your REST APIs. Its purpose is to convert a HTTP request who is in RSQL format to C# lambda expression.
Essencial tools to agile development.
DwFramework WebAPI库
AspNet Scaffolding with log, serializer, and all structure to work good for me :D
DwFramework Web库
Package Description
Swagger ReDoc documentation.
ZProRx ---- One property-oriented reactive property framework, ZP.Lib.NetCore support some extensions of NetCore.
Temiicore swagger core
Easify base library for AspNetCore