Top 20 NuGet Packages depending on Svg

Total dependencies: 15

Nuget Package for Ingeniux Dynamic Site Server Runtime API
Middleware that shows the internal structure of pages to help with debugging issues with page composition and data provisioning.
A library for accessing Atlassians Jira from .NET
Convert SVG to Intermec FingerPrint
Convert SVG to Eltron Programming Language (EPL)
Convert SVG to Zebra Programming Language (ZPL)
Svg.Contrib.Render is the base for compilers based on Svg
This project creates ViewModel-classes for your included SVG files.
Web Business Intelligence library of imbVeles Framework. Currently supports Web Site Classification using different Semantic Similarity and TF-IDF computation, kNN, Neural Networks, mSVM and Naive Bayes
Extension of imbNLP libraries, introducing support for MULTEXT-East morphosyntactic dictionary and pipeline framework for parallel web content decomposition and POS tagging
imbSCI.Graph is an extension package for imbSCI, extending graph classes with undirected graph object model and implementation for DGML, Dia, MXGraph ( and DOT graph formats. Supports SVG rendering of charts (histograms, pie, bar and linear charts - in 2D and 3D.) and graph structures.
Owin middleware to generate visualization of the OWIN pipeline
View layer for Bam.Net
Provides HttpHandler fallback functionality for browsers that do not support SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics) by generating and caching alternate images at request time. Inspired by SVGMagic (
Tools to speed up PDF rendering in ASP.NET MVC