Top 20 NuGet Packages depending on Serilog.Sinks.Debug

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Serilog support for ASP.NET Core logging
The IPP .NET SDK for QuickBooks V3 is a set of .NET classes that make it easier to call QuickBooks APIs. This is the .Net Standard 2.0 version of the .Net SDK
The Collection of the Logging related functionality for AspNetCore or GenericHost.
Helpers for logging, communication etc.
Hopex Application Server Commons
Base logger for the WorkflowServer and DWKit.
Goodies for Uno Platform
Hopex Application site module
.Net Core CMS
Iris common data types package
实体对象基类,及其常用操作。 常用操作包括:对象转换、序列化、日志、常用异常处理、依赖注入。
PikTools logs base Library
Wraps Serilog by an abstract Logger class where debug logging is not compiled into your code when using the provided Logger class. It also integrates direct logging to Microsoft App Center which can be configured at runtime.
Provides an easy way to enqueue tasks through parallelization
Package Description
YYApp Serilog common and defaults
Wrapper for Serilog ILogger to provide source code information and enable SMS logging
The IppOAuth2PlatformSdk is a set of .NET classes that make it easier to make OAuth2 calls for the Intuit's APIs. This is a stripped off version from the main QBO V3 SDK just for making OAuth2 API calls.
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