Top 20 NuGet Packages depending on NuGet.CommandLine

Total dependencies: 113

A build automation system using C# build scripts.
DocX is a .NET library that allows developers to manipulate Word 2007 files, in an easy and intuitive manor. This is a fork of DocX for .NET Core.
Package Description
MSBuild targets for nuget package restore and package build.
OneBuild is a modular set of .NET solution build scripts written in PowerShell. Following the proven Deployment Pipeline approach to software build and delivery OneBuild aims to make the Commit (versioning, compilation, unit testing and packaging of binaries) a standard and simple exercise. Being co...
TCP/IP library used for connecting to Linkly EFT-Client
Package Description
Simple automatic (local) network discovery in C#
An internal package containing common developer tools for the Useful Toolbox .NET projects. Applications and libraries should not reference this package directly.
Makes it incredibly easy to generate NuGet packages from any .NET solution, including projects with .nuspec files!
Build script for .NET projects using FAKE. Simply install the nuget package and then execute the RunBuild.bat file. This will then build the solution file, and run any tests that are available. The Tests are picked up by convention, anything ending in .UnitTests, .XUnitTests and .JasmineTests....
.NET Wrapper for Power BI and utilities
Used to help support Akka.NET users and developers with common Akka-specific code issues
.Net wrapper around the GatherContent API
microgear-csharp is a client library for C# The library is used to connect application code or hardware with the NETPIE Platform's service for developing IoT applications. For more details on the NETPIE Platform, please visit
Wintellect Roslyn code analyzers and code fix providers for producing better code. See the GitHub project for the source. Have ideas for analyzers? Feel free to fork or let us know!