Top 20 NuGet Packages depending on Microsoft Async

Total dependencies: 566

JSON Schema reader, generator and validator for .NET
Supports the creation of Class Library projects containing business domain classes, Windows Services, Console applications and other native Windows application models. CSLA .NET is an application development framework that reduces the cost of building and maintaining applications. The framework ena...
A .NET portable library SDK wrapper around the MYOB AccountRight API v2. Samples of how to use this API can be found on Github (MYOB-Technology).
Реализация ВКонтакте API для .NET. Список методов см.
LinqKit.Core contains extensions for LINQ to SQL and Entity Framework. Note that Include(...), IAsync and IDbAsync are not supported.
Portable class library for accessing the Dropbox v2 API
Polly.Caching.MemoryCache is a plug-in for the .NET OSS resilience library Polly, supporting System.Runtime.Caching.MemoryCache as a provider for Polly's CachePolicy.
Nuget Package for Ingeniux InSite Search V2
Hprose is a popular high-performance RPC library for .NET
Hprose is a popular high-performance RPC library for .NET
Hprose is a popular high-performance RPC library for .NET
This .Net Workflow Activity library allows easy integration with Enate v7 and above. The Activities will perform authentication when necessary and allow a single authentication token to be passed between concurrent calls to improve performance. All date/time values are passed in UTC.
Hprose is a popular high-performance RPC library for Owin
Portable .NET client for InfluxDB. It is fully asynchronous and non-blocking way to interact with InfluxDB programmatically.
C# client library for using SendGrid API's to send mail. Github repo located at :
This library is primarily based on the AsyncEx library, with some additional features not available in the original code. You can refer ( for more details.
This SDK that allows you to collect, decrypt and verify the data that you receive from user.
.NET polyfill to the future. A versatile RAD (Rapid Application Development) framework for .NET platform. Gapotchenko.FX closes the gaps in original .NET design by providing the long-missing functionality that should have been mainstream since 2012. This package represents Gapotchenko.FX.Threading...
This is a lightweight AMQP 1.0 library for .Net platforms, including .Net Framework, .Net Core, Universal Windows Platform, Mono, and Mono/Xamarin. The library includes both a client and listener to enable peer to peer and broker based messaging.
Portable Client Library and HttpClient based OAuth library, including all platform(for PCL).