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Contains classes for MVC based Web environment...
Util.Ui.Abstractions是Util应用框架的Ui抽象层类库。 Util是一个.net core平台下的应用框架,旨在提升小型团队的开发输出能力,由常用公共操作类(工具类)、分层架构基类、Ui组件,第三方组件封装,第三方业务接口封装,配套代码生成模板,权限等组成。
Util.Biz.Payments是Util应用框架的支付操作类库。 Util是一个.net core平台下的应用框架,旨在提升小型团队的开发输出能力,由常用公共操作类(工具类)、分层架构基类、Ui组件,第三方组件封装,第三方业务接口封装,配套代码生成模板,权限等组成。
Integration library for ASP.NET Core MVC core features for Simple Injector. This includes control and view component integration.
Provides a default set of APIs for building an ASP.NET Core application, and also includes API for third-party integrations with ASP.NET Core. This package requires the ASP.NET Core runtime. This runtime is installed by the .NET Core SDK, or can be acquired separately using installers available at ...
Google reCAPTCHA 2/3 for ASP.NET Core 2, and, .NET Standard 2
Mvc.Grid core dll without content files.
Steeltoe Management Tracing Core
ReactJS and Babel tools for ASP.NET Core, including ASP.NET Core MVC. Please refer to project site ( for full installation instructions, usage examples and sample code
Contains classes for MVC based Web environment...
Provides some common functions, such as navigation tree, to build Web applications easily.
Generate detailed Audit Logs for AspNet Core MVC Controller actions.
User Account plugin asp net core plugin manager.
Error Manager plugin asp net core plugin manager.
Company plugin asp net core plugin manager.
This middleware uses Cognitive Services Check to automatically correct inbound message text.
This middleware uses Cognitive Services Sentiment Analysis to identify the sentiment of each inbound message and make it available for your bot or other middleware component. Core控制器與分頁結果相關擴充並支援XWidget.Web.Exceptions套件的例外處理
React Router support for ReactJS.NET.
Allows integration of PeachPie compiled PHP code into ASP.NET Core MVC.