Top 20 NuGet Packages depending on Microsoft ASP.NET Web Pages

Total dependencies: 487

app-stitch is a visually simple yet powerful way of designing business rules. Combine the many channels to stitch different apps together and save hours on auditing, authentication, automation and validation.
This package installs the Eleflex.Web core component. It containing classes for hosting an ELEFLEX web application including startup tasks and registration for object location, mapping, logging, services and security integration with ASP.NET Identity, as well as general web helper classes. ELEFLEX i...
Automation tools
Dracoola Art Web Ex Umbraco Boilerplate assembly
SaaS Multi tenant Framework for SaaS Development and SaaS Migration. SaaS Application Development Platform addressing SaaS Challenges and SaaS Non-Functional Requirements
OFrame Library is a helper library with several set of helper classes and methods to ease and speed up your application development process. It integrates with any web forms or mvc project and provides several efficient methods which you generally code from scratch. New methods and helpers added re...
Nameless framework inversion of control extra assembly.
Contains classes for MVC based Web environment...
.NET helpers for Lucas Costa
Web framework that extends ASP.NET MVC with a plug-in architecture and default implementations of commonly used features.
DI with AOP framework Moca.NET Web MVC
The modules required to build CloudCore-based web modules.
Template for manager system
Library for content managed microsites, competitions and Facebook applications.
Understand User Behavior with API Analytics. With Moesif, you can: - Know what your customers are doing with your APIs. - Reduce time-to-debug functional and product API issues to minutes - Monitor for hidden API issues impacting adoption and retention - Native suppor...
This package contains all the NuGet packages for Uintra. All the different packages can be accessed here and possibly changed by a developer.
Futura Shared Server dlls
Table List with search, pagination an many other features.
Reinforced.Lattice quick start bundle package for ASP.NET MVC 4. Includes everything - from core library to default template in single package
Lynicon CMS core for ASP.Net MVC with ASP.Net Identity.