Top 20 NuGet Packages depending on Microsoft ASP.NET Web Pages

Total dependencies: 487

System for simply and easily exposing pocos as RESTful webservices with automatic generation of both .Net and Javascript clients
Bam extensions to Argotic based rss and atom feeds
Simple unit testing and assertion tools for use with Bam
Repository pattern providers for the Bam framework
Encryption tools built on top of BouncyCastle. Store sensitive information in an encrypted Vault that stores encrypted data in SQLite database files.
Basic email composer for Bam
Dynamic wrapper to ADO.Net
ASP.NET MVC 5 support for CorrelatorSharp
Creates a wizard for your MVC 5 application within minutes. This Wizard is a jQuery extension and works with JSON, jQuery, jQuery Validation. You could also use the MVC.Wizard.Sample NuGet package to have a smaple with different options of the wizard.
Please Use: The Coinbase.Mvc DLL has been deprecated.
Provides the HttpResponseMessage.AsActionResult() extension method.
Reinforced.Lattice additional Razor templating extensions for ASP.NET MVC 4
Reinforced.Lattice Razor helpers for changing layout design templates built for ASP.NET MVC 5
Contains dll-s distributed with C1 CMS.
Reinforced.Lattice additional Razor templating extensions for ASP.NET MVC 4
mvc and webapi integration of Stardust.Nucleus
This module adds a URL where you can check the health of an ASP.Net MVC Web App by invoking your own custom tests.
See all cache keys and give anyone a way to explicitly remove them.
Granite Framework 0.7.5
Data access objects and tools for use with the Bam framework