Top 20 NuGet Packages depending on Markdig

Total dependencies: 151

This library provides Markdown support for ASP.NET Core applications: * Markdown TagHelper - embed static markdown text from files, urls or bind model data * Markdown Page Handler Middleware to render Markdown files in your site * Markdown Parsing Support via Markdown.Parse() and Markdown.Parse...
A 2D application/game framework written with rhythm games in mind.
Package Description
A simple, yet flexible content and blog engine for ASP.NET Core that can work with or without a database
Core package for Piranha CMS for .NET Core
Variable substitution syntax used in Octopus Deploy.
Web application infrastructure types and implementations for EasyDataCore infrastructure
Easy to use web server for building web apps that use sql databases generated automatically from c# classes.
.NET SDK for the Contentstack Content Delivery API.
A WPF library for lunet-io/markdig
A project containing useful utilities
Razor Tools Components technology server types and implementations for EasyDataCore infrastructure
ASP.NET Core extensible and embeddable documentation engine
Core reusable definitions for Songhay Studio Publications
A library to produce vector graphics (including text) without too many dependencies. Extensible to support multiple output formats. This package adds Markdown document rendering capabilities. For more information, see
Laobian.Common is shared library for private usage only
Allows consumers to easily convert strings to Markdown using the `IMarkdownConverter` interface. Contains a markdown wrapper around `lunet-io/markdig`.
BlueLeet.UCodeFirst.Core is the core project to BlueLeet.UCodeFirst a Code-First solution for Umbraco 8+
Shared fundamentals used by other CODE Framework components
Markdown support for System.Graphics attributed text powered by Markdig