Top 20 NuGet Packages depending on HtmlAgilityPack

Total dependencies: 534

Nuget Package for Ingeniux InSite Search V2
Nuget Package for Ingeniux Dynamic Site Server Runtime API
Contains the core assemblies needed to run Umbraco Cms. This package only contains assemblies and can be used for package development. Use the UmbracoCms package to setup Umbraco in Visual Studio as an ASP.NET project.
Реализация ВКонтакте API для .NET. Список методов см.
ReverseMarkdown is a Html to Markdown converter library in c#
dotNetRDF is a RDF, SPARQL and Semantic Web API for .Net. It provides simple but powerfully extensible APIs for this and integrates with a variety of popular triple stores.
M# framework Mvc components.
FeedReader is a .net standard 1.3 library used for reading and parsing RSS and ATOM feeds. Supports RSS 0.91, 0.92, 1.0, 2.0 and ATOM. Developed because existing libraries do not work with different languages, encodings or have other issues. Library tested with multiple languages and feeds.
Scraping Framework containing : - a web client able to simulate a web browser. - an HtmlAgilityPack extension to select elements using css selector (like JQuery)
Rule based HTML sanitizer using a white list. Documentation at:
.Net Core version of HtmlAgilityPack.CssSelector which use the .Net Core version of HtmlAgilityPack
Sport Exchanges wrapper library
Peachpie PHP language library functions for XML processing.
Cross-platform build automation system
ETM Automation Framework using Selenium and POM
Application framework for .NET Core
Apache Lucene search module for Better CMS. Better CMS is publishing focused and developer friendly .NET Open source CMS.
Terradue Tep .Net library Core控制器與分頁結果相關擴充並支援XWidget.Web.Exceptions套件的例外處理