Top 20 NuGet Packages depending on HtmlAgilityPack

Total dependencies: 875

Tools for using aXe for web accessibility testing with C# and Selenium
This package installs all of the dotNetRDF packages.
Compiles M# definitions into .NET code.
Contains the web assemblies needed to run Umbraco Cms. This package only contains assemblies and can be used for package development. Use the UmbracoCms package to setup Umbraco in Visual Studio as an ASP.NET project.
ReverseMarkdown is a Html to Markdown converter library in c#
M# components, data access tools and extension methods. For migrating earlier web apps, update your web.config file: 1- DataProviderModelConfigurationSection is moved to the Core package so change the dataProviderModel session as below. <section name="dataProviderModel" type="MSharp.Framework...
Fizzler is a W3C Selectors parser and generic selector framework for document hierarchies. This package enables Fizzler over HTMLAgilityPack, adding QuerySelector and QuerySelectorAll (from Selectors API Level 1) for HtmlNode objects.
Elegance Service
Gravity API core functionality, which can be hosted as a service on platforms like Console Application, ASP.NET Web API, Service Fabric Service, .NET Core application, WCF Self-host, etc. FREE register at "" in order to be able to use Gravity ...
The web components library for the open-source and free platform WebVella ERP. It allows a quick and painless creation of business web applications.
Package Description
A collection of razor TagHelpers for easy generation of bootstrap 4 styled UI components
Web Framework cross platforms based to .net core
This NuGet package includes the required files to create an ASP.NET (Core) web application with support for the TX Text Control online document editor. With this component, fully-featured document editing can be integrated into web applications. In case this package is installed from NuGet (www.nug...
全龄段友好的C#万能工具库,码数吐司库(适用于.NET Core项目),不管你是菜鸟新手还是骨灰级玩家都能轻松上手,包含一些常用的操作类,大都是静态类,加密解密,反射操作,权重随机筛选算法,分布式短id,表达式树,linq扩展,文件压缩,多线程下载和FTP客户端,硬件信息,字符串扩展方法,日期时间扩展操作,中国农历,大文件拷贝,图像裁剪,验证码,断点续传,集合扩展等常用封装。 官网教程: github:
Nuget Package for Ingeniux InSite Search V2
Nuget Package for Ingeniux Dynamic Site Server Runtime API
Peachpie PHP language library functions for XML processing.
This class library holds most of the Altinn App business logic and clients for communication with the platform.