Top 20 NuGet Packages depending on FluentValidation.AspNetCore

Total dependencies: 215

Common API infrastructure and helpers.
Atc.Rest.Extended is a collection of classes and extension methods for Atc.Rest, that contains SwaggerUI, FluentValidation Versioning etc.
YeditepeSoft YtsFrmawork for .NET 5.0.1
Indice.AspNetCore Class Library
ASP.NET Core support for Agent Framework
A web framework built for .NET Core
YeditepeSoft Core
A microservice framework built for .NET Core
AspNet Scaffolding with log, serializer, and all structure to work good for me :D
A microservice testing framework built for .NET Core
Contains all Logic needed to communicate between a RazorPages project and the MediaKiwi Headless CMS.
Emeraude Framework is a powerful library providing abstractions, builders and ready to use ASP.NET Core structure for creating SEO friendly web applications based on SSR Vue.js and mobile applications based on Xamarin Forms.
Projeto base para projetos .NET Core 3.1
Vsa Framework
YeditepeSoft Framework .NET Core 6.0.x
This package contains abstrctions for general infrastructure concerns. It should be get referance only from infrastructure layers of contexts
FunFair Common Test Infrastructure for building xUnit tests on top of.
Package Description
Package Description
PineBlog UI using ASP.NET Core MVC Razor Pages.