Top 20 NuGet Packages depending on EventStore.Client

Total dependencies: 93

HealthChecks.EventStore is the health check package for EventStore.
Composable high performance event sourcing componentry
The BullOak.Repositories implementation for EventStore
Event Store event store for EventFlow. Download it from
EventStore support for Aggregates.NET
EventStore IO Library for the Nata Project
Akka.NET Persistence journal store backed by EventStore.
Package Description
ServiceStack Plugin for event-sourced systems using EventStore
Yarn GetEventStore Provider
Software Pioniere Fx Event Store Library
Plumberd is a lightweight library to make working with EventStore easy. It's makes it super easy for everyone familiar with ASP Controllers or WCF to jump into CQRS and EventSourcing. All the plumbing is automated. This package is the implementation of EventStory from EventStore.
Akka.NET Persistence read journal backed by EventStore.
Fuxion infrastructure for EventStore
Persistence support for common application infrastructure.
Use Greg Young's event store as the Event Store in CQRS.NET
The perfect way for .NET apps to write structured log events to Eventstore.
Exira.EventStore.Owin is an OWIN middleware to keep an EventStore connection shared per application
Exira.EventStore is an F# implementation for EventStore (