Top 20 NuGet Packages depending on Elasticsearch.Net

Total dependencies: 143

Logger is used to combination of Serilog .And u can buid ur own Extention Methods
TraceListener for ElasticSearch and kibana
Use this library to help create your elasticsearch based solutions on Azure Web and Worker Roles. It manages the installation of Elasticsearch, Java, and any plugins you provide. All new instances are automatically added to the cluster using automatic discovery. It also comes with ...
An NLog target that utilises the elasticsearch low level client.
A simple .NET wrapper for ElasticSearch.Net
apiTracker elasticsearch log
A search solution for EPiServer and Elastic Search.
Telemetry library for logging via NLog to Cinegy Telemetry via ElasticSearch , in C# targetting NET Standard 2.0
Identity Provider for Elasticsearch
Provides integration between Umbraco content and Elasticsearch as a search platform
Elastic(search) provider for Transformalize
TraceListener for ElasticSearch and kibana
Microsoft.Extensions.Logging posting to ElasticSearch
Package Description
Foundation to access ElasticSearch
Audit.CRUD is a library for .NET that provides an interface for persisting audit logs in Elasticsearch. Its main objective is to help developers to apply audit logs in an agile and standardized way, using technologies capable of supporting and analyzing large amounts of data.