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The Logiwa.Common deployment package, built on 10.04.2018 13:41:13
SqlServer - Elasticsearch Sync
An asynchronous job scheduling server.
Core of IntegrationServer, an asynchronous job scheduling server.
Data store repository abstractions.
A simple Glimpse plugin for ElasticSearch. It shows queries and response times.
MsaFramework is a .Net application programming framework based on the Abstract Factory Method Pattern. More at
Consumes a generic Customers document store to be used in PMoney applications.
NLog wrapper с методами асинхронного выполения логирования
An F#-idiomatic Library for Elasticsearch, including an F# DSL representation of the Elasticsearch Query Model, and F# modules for searching and indexing documents as well as creating and maintaining indexes.
Consumes a generic inventory document store to be used in PMoney applications.
Provides functions to connect ElasticSearch to Lynicon for search and as a content data source.
Novicell.Examine.ElasticSearch.Umbraco is a composer to attach Elastich Search Examine provider to Umbravo v8
Elasticsearch-Logstash-Kibana (ELK) stack logger provider for Microsoft.Extensions.Logging. Writes direct to Elasticsearch using the Elastic Common Schema (ECS), with semantic logging of structured data from message and scope values. The results can be viewed and queried in the Kibana console. ...
Package Description
File logger provider implementation for Microsoft.Extensions.Logging. This logger logs messages to elasticsearch engine.
This package contains the Elasticsearch extension for the testing framework NBi (check at
ElasticSearch logger for Pip.Services in .NET
ElasticSearch logger for Pip.Services in .NET