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Application handlers for DotNetty
Transport model in DotNetty
General purpose codecs for DotNetty
MQTT codec for DotNetty
The API allows to subscribe to real-time data pushed by a Lightstreamer server and to send any message to the server. The library offers automatic recovery from connection failures, automatic selection of the best available transport, and full decoupling of subscription and connection operations. ...
Libuv transport model in DotNetty
请在最终运行的项目中配置服务端参数,文件名规则为:*.cloud.server.config.json,以下为参考配置: { //协议配置,可以是单个对象,或数组 //可以不填写 "protocol": [ { //名称,可以不填写 "name": "default", //数据,不填写默认为json "data": { //类型:json,xml,treePackage,soap,custom ...
This is a schema for a OpenTl project
This is a client api using the MtProto protocol to connect the client to a server, such as Telegram Messenger
Common modules for OpenTl project
Protobuf Proto3 codec for DotNetty
ProtocolBuffers Proto2 codec for DotNetty
dotnet core rpc framwork base dotnetty
Sample SDK for Azure IoT Hub use in .NET.
Http codec for DotNetty
Redis codec for DotNetty
.netcore 基于dotnetty的rpc通讯框架。
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