Top 20 NuGet owin Packages

A hosting in Owin for CKFinder
Compression (Deflate / GZip) module for Microsoft OWIN self host web server. With this module you can compress, deflate / gzip large files (like concatenated *.js or *.css files) to reduce amount of web traffic.
Polyfills for future/draft elements of the OWIN standards for various server implementations
OWIN support for EventFlow
ASP.NET Identity support for IdentityServer3
ASP.NET Identity support for IdentityServer3 repackaged as a dll client library, preventing the addition of volatile source code to the destination project
Seamlessly adds a Swagger to WebApi projects! Compiled for .NET 4.5 and up. This helps with mono compatability and does not require any assembly redirects.
Access token validation middleware for JWT and reference tokens issued by IdentityServer3, based on JWT 5, Owin 4 and IdentityModel 3
WampSharp Owin support
Adds additional OAuth providers for OWIN to use with ASP.NET
OWIN middleware for doing claims transformation in OWIN/Katana applications.
Middleware for doing claims transformation in OWIN/Katana applications.
DotVVM is an open source ASP.NET-based framework which allows to build modern web apps without writing any JavaScript code.
A SAML2 Owin middleware, compatible with ASP.NET Identity for external logins.
Owin Middleware module for site (vkontakte). Working fine with mvc 5.
Smart internationalization for ASP.NET-based web applications. The i18n library is designed to replace the use of .NET resources in favor of an easier, globally-recognized standard for localizing ASP.NET-based web applications. Supports ASP.NET MVC, ASP.NET Web API, ASP.NET WebMatrix / Web Pages and...
Some owin middlewares to log api request/response/exception
DryIoc extension for ASP.NET WebAPI and OWIN
Simple, lightweight, convention based web framework built on Web Api.