Top 20 NuGet WinRT Packages

WinRT Framework

Add the ability to tweet from your Metro style (WinRT) application.
A templated content control hosting to remove the pain of using the BooleanToVisibilityConverter. The property IsTrue determines what is shown. For Windows Store (WinRT) applications.
Google Analytics for Windows 8 Metro style apps (WinRT) HOW TO USE
The Okra App Framework is an app centric MVVM framework. This package contains only the core assembly.
The Okra App Framework is an app centric MVVM framework. This package is designed for use with MEF.
Windows.UI.Interactivity is a port of System.Windows.Interactivity to the Windows Runtime and allows you to use behaviors and triggers as in Silverlight.
Get the Metro design right in your Windows 8 app. Support for Filled, Snapped and Fullscreen, Landscape and Portrait. Based on the MetroGridHelper for Windows Phone by Jeff Wilcox.
Library for notification templates for winrt
A control suite for some common things a Windows 8.1 XAML application might want to include such as a Flyout, Menu, Rating, Settings Pane, and other controls.
MVVM + Controller framework for WinRT
Json serializer and deserializer for .net
MicroSliver is a micro, non-bloat, non-intimidating and speedy .NET (ASP.NET, Silverlight, RIA Services, WPF, Forms and Metro!) dependency injection container which has just the essentials. Contains dependency injection support for Metro .NET (WinRT) and extensions for Silverlight & Metro MVVM, RIA...
Mocking framework for Windows Phone and Windows Store apps
A WinMD OAuth library for Windows 8.
FLib is small utilities library that contains a few useful classes for general purpose usage. It can be used in everyday programming to make method argument validation clearer(FLib.Validation), help with bindings(FLib.Data.Binding and FLib.Data.PropertyPath), support cancellable editing(FLib.Data.Pr...
MetroRate is a WinRT XAML control for displaying ratings with stars. It's a modified version of the open source WPF version released on CodeProject:
Bob wasn't a great product for Microsoft but maybe Bob can add what's missing for Windows 8
A native winRT IoC container
A Custom Content Control for Windows 8 app Settings Charm Flyouts.
WinRT object to object mapper