Top 20 NuGet WebAPI Packages


A service API versioning library for Microsoft ASP.NET Web API and OData v4.0.
A modern async HTTP client for REST APIs. Its fluent interface lets you send an HTTP request and parse the response in one go.
.NET library which integrates with Shippo Multi Carrier Shipping API. This library provides access to Shippo ( API capabilities. Including label generation, rating, tracking and more.
NetCoreForce standard obect models package
An implementation of IWebDriver in a mock class which does not open a browser and returns predefined elements and data. Used for unit testing selenium based frameworks
XComponent Studio Community Edition. Unleash the power of microservices.
XComponent Spy Community Edition. Unleash the power of microservices.
XComponent Runtime Community Edition. Unleash the power of microservices.
XComponent Build Community Edition. Unleash the power of microservices.
Project containing all of the enums used in TwitchLib.Client.
Automatic REST api library for EF entities in .Net Core This library automatically generates RESTful API for DbSets in DbContext. This is very much a work in progress right now so feel free to create issues on GitHub. Latest version includes fixes and policy based authorization support. https://g...
This NuGet package contains additional helpers which can be used when building Relativity ADS applications.
Project templates with batteries included, providing the minimum amount of code required to get you going.
Addon for DSharpPlus adding a helper class with emoji constants! Note: This package is not supported or endorsed by the DSharpPlus team. Please do not ask for support regarding this package in official DSharpPlus discussion boards.
A Fortnite C# API Wrapper using the API
Simply add this package to add a test which generates a string of your public API, then sends it to Approval Tests to approve any public API changes. Don't accidently miss a breaking API change and break semantic versioning again.
This library simply returns your public API as a string. You can use this in approval style tests or for documentation.
Unity.WebAPI allows the simple Integration of the Unity IoC container with ASP.NET Web API.
GoogleAnalyticsTracker was created to have a means of tracking specific URL's directly from C#. For example, it enables you to log API calls to Google Analytics.
Handles Responses created by Responsible.Core for Web Api.