Top 20 NuGet TypeScript Packages

typescript compiler
Extension library for Javascript with strong Typescript support. This is a lightweight library to aid in data manipulation and transformation.
Typescript definitions files for Stanford Javascript Crypto Library
In dev.
A simple Logger for javascript
In dev.
Jasmine.js TypeScript helpers for easier testing of async AMD modules.
Generate TypeScript ambient types from .NET types
Roslyn-based T4 code generator
TypeScript toolkit including for example comparers, validators and converters.
Layouts is Javascript/Typescript library that allows web developers build complex UI in HTML5 using a Xaml derived markup. Github repository and help online: Tutorial: ...
TypeScript definitions for shapeshift.js
UIBuilder is a HTML templating library in the style of Mustache and Handlebars, for Web application development using TypeScript. Unlike Mustache or Handlebars, UIBuilder is strongly typed, which means that many programming mistakes can be caught at compile time.
Typed JSON parsing and serializing that preserves type information. Parse JSON into actual class instances.
ListenerService for creating events
Notifications/Confirms dialogs service
MaulingMonKey's typescript gamepad API for consistent cross-browser and cross-gamepad binding, polling for input, etc.
A Screeps Profiler (screeps-profiler) binding library for Bridge.NET projects.
Adds T4 templates used to generate TypeScript trackable entity classes from a database using EF 6.x Tools for Visual Studio.
iwhen, Immediate Promises for TypeScript 0.8.3