Top 20 NuGet Silverlight Packages

Pure Javascript framework - unobtrusive MVVM. Full-fledged framework including ajax, routing, validation, scripts/styles dynamic loading, module management. The outstanding points are unobstrusiveness, performance, lightweight, easy to learn, easy to extend controls.
A Simple messaging library for .Net
Basic MVVM library for all purposes
My package description.
Lightweight MVVM framework
MVVM UI Utiities
A DuoCode Binding for the Knockout.BindingConventions library
MVVMHandler is a library that contains simple helper class like MVVMCollection whick is a collection that implements the complete MVVM pattern with a DB Model.
Common types for WPF / MVVM applications.
Automatic INotifyPropertyChanged and IEditableObject interfaces over any object
Attached behaviour for advancing focus on enter key. Useful for data entry forms
Attached behaviour for selecting all text when a given text box is focused
Roslyn Analyzer/Generator for avoid boring boilerplate INotifyPropertyChanged implementation.
Attached behaviour to focus the first control on a window load
Helper for MVVM pattern
The user interface foundation library for the "More" framework.
My version for MVVM helpers
Converts true to Visible, false to Collapsed, and null to Hidden
Library for reading contacts in UWP apps.