Top 20 NuGet Silverlight Packages

Library helper (mvvm navigation, lifecycle, converters, extensions) for Windows Universal Apps (Win8.1 + WP8.1).
Xamcc is MVVM infrastructure for C++/CX. Include Xamcc.h file and try it!
Bindable base, commands and good to have MVVM classes
MVVM toolkit used by Touch. Includes: Unity, Nlog, RelayCommands & DynamicViewModelBase
Allows binding events directly to commands in XAML code. Works for both WPF and Silverlight applications.
Deprecated, use MvvmCube.
Mef adaptation of the Cannoli framework that has its own Prism bootstrapper.
Unity adaptation of the Cannoli framework (no dependency on Prism).
Core of the Cannoli framework
Dispatcher, Mediator, and EventAggregator support for the Cannoli Framework (or use on its own)
NLogger support for the Cannoli framework
Is the ViewModelBase available to create a system by using a WPF MVVM pattern. ViewModelBase class of the base class, ValidationViewModelBase class can use the DataAnnotations data validation attributes, TransitionViewModelBase class can do view transition window or multiple Windows.
Commonly used servcies in an application - MessageBox, FolderBrowser, SaveFile, and OpenFile