Top 20 NuGet ORM Packages

Cronos Object Relational Mapper
EF implementation for the Axis.Jupiter api.
Concordia.Framework is a object relational mapper for .NET including .NET Core. It also offers automatic entity generation, lazy loading, enum support and much more.
Declarative, attribute based, proxy driven ORM/ caching abstraction framework
A set of helpers for Entity Framework
Implementação da interface Codout.Framework.DAL para NHibernate
ORM for distillery application
Basic operation for .Net
Custom ORM Library,auto property update
NI.Data Extensions
Simple Object mapping Micro-ORM
Interface da Biblioteca de persistência do Framework da Codout
Extends ADONetHelper library to specific RDBMS providers
Bulk insert for a single class and TPT type inheritance using entity framework. No limitation on the number of records that can be passed. Now supporting string, number, guids, date, datetime, datetimeoffset and boolean types. Instead of passing the dbcontext everytime, just set it once while dec...
A high performance Micro-ORM supporting SQL Server, MySQL, Sqlite, SqlCE, Firebird etc..