Top 20 NuGet MVC Packages

A Razor class library for interacting withthe browser vibration API. Use in Server-side Blazor apps.
ASP.NET Core library for extending Display and Validation ModelMetadata functionality
Package provides functionality to build GridView based on your model items collection. Grid.Mvc support sorting, filtering and paging your data. Also Adds AJAX gridviews
A package, which includes helpful auxiliary methods. With this package, software development is faster. Features: - Extensions - Helpers - Filters * AjaxOnlyAttribute * ContentTypeFilterAttribute * GlobalizationFilterAttribute * PasswordValidatorAttribute * PreventDuplicateReque...
Integrates Faithlife.Tracing with ASP.NET MVC
Kivii Dev Platform Javascript引擎包
A plugin for DoubleTap.Email to enable razor templates in the email body.
Helpers for USGS VWE MVC5 projects.
ECMAScript 6 (ES2015) engine
My package description.
UoN shared code ASP.NET render Razor Views to strings.
ExpressiveAnnotations is a small .NET and JavaScript library which provides full-stack, annotation-based, conditional validation mechanisms. Given attributes, powered by expressions engine, allow to forget about imperative way of step-by-step implementation of validation conditions in many cases. S...
Lightweight JavaScript router for implementation client side part of SPA
ASP.NET Core with React.js (Fiber) template using ES6.
jQuery DataTable
jQuery DataTable DTO
BaiYue.Castle.NLog Base On Abp 3.3.0
A library designed to take a mustache style template file and generate a javascript file from it that can be used on a website to generate the page content from function calls and a passed variable object when necessary.
A library designed to handle mvc by defining classes through IModel, adding appropriate attribues and methods and properties. This will then generate js to interface with it based off of backbonejs and rest calls back which will be handled by the library.