Top 20 NuGet Logging Packages

Booking App Logging
Simple logging utility
Test Package To create the first nuget
Turner.Infrastructure.Logging.Serilog is an adapter for Turner Industries Group's ILogger
Awesome application logging utility
Nif.Logging.Interfaces defines an interface to implement it in terms of whatever logging library is in use.
log4net extensions: shorter logger initialization, more suitable parameters order, trace method, smtp appender with dynamic subject, statistics appender to get number of each log event type
GIC DB Logging
Implementation and dependency-free logging API
Log4Net extension for the core logging api
NLog extension for the core logging api
Serilog extension for the core logging api
Logging infrastructure of the Barzin platform
Logging library using OpenServices
Integrate with every service providing an API using the WebClient app. Deprecated: use a HTTP rule instead.
Simple Roslyn analyzer and quick fix for Common.Logging usage smells.
Logging library using OpenServices