Top 20 NuGet Logging Packages

Awesome application logging utility
Provides a simple abstraction over logging frameworks, which allows the logging framework to be swapped without requiring changes of application code.
MvvmFx.Logging.ILog interface definition
ELMAH (Error Logging Modules and Handlers) for ASP.NET
A common library used for projects that use basic logging (based on Microsoft.Extensions.Logging)
Package Description
Provides a nice and simple logging framework.
Plisky Library Functions including Hub, ConfigHub, CommandLineSupport.
Mock<ILogger<T>> extensions for verifying ILogger calls.
This C# project provide microsoft extensions style logger to help capture messages in xUnit. See project site for further details.
Forecast the Data for a week time by using category and dates
My first nuget package needs to be deployed
Log4Net appender for NICE LogServer
Logging webagent client for NICE LogServer
Awesome application logging utility
Test to create a nuget package
A logging abstraction.
Common Logging
Package Description
Test Applogger App